The Arts Society Alton

The Arts Society Alton

Data Protection Policy

1. The Society will maintain a data base comprising members' titles, names, addresses, telephone numbers and, where relevant, email addresses.

2. The data base will be stored on a secure (ideally password protected) computer by the Membership Secretary and/or the Society Secretary. Members' details will be kept safely and securely and, other than as noted below, will not be given to any other party.

3. The database will be shared with other members of the Society committee who need the information to communicate with members. These other members of the committee will include, but not necessarily be limited to, The Chairman, the Visits Secretary(s) and the Special Interest Days Secretary.

4. The database will also be shared with "The Arts Society" who will use it to issue the quarterly magazine and any other communications including information about upcoming national events or items of legitimate interest. Additionally "The Arts Society" will use it to print labels for The Arts Society Alton bulk mailings to members and for bulk emailing using Mail Chimp as requested by the Chairman.

5. Members' details may be passed to "The Arts Society Hampshire & the Isle of Wight" or other affiliated societies for the purpose of disseminating relevant information of legitimate interest.

6. It is important that the database be kept up to date at all times. The Membership Secretary and/or the Society Secretary will keep the database updated on information supplied to them by members or any other committee member. All updates to the database will be shared with others who hold copies of the database, including "The Arts Society".

7. The database will be used for communicating with members about future events, payment of subscriptions and any other useful and legitimate news. As an organisation with a shared legitimate interest and with a contract with members which requires, in return for a subscription, the society to provide events and inform members of such events, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not require the society to obtain specific consent from members for such communications, although in the case of communication by email confirmation that members are prepared to receive emails from the society is desirable.

8. Members have a right to be removed from the data base. Should a member request that his or her details be removed, the Membership Secretary will, prior to taking the necessary action, explain that the resulting loss of regular communication between the society and the member would regrettably necessitate the cancellation of membership of the society.

9. A brief summary of key elements of this policy will be included on members'application and annual renewal forms. The full policy will be made available onf the Society's website.

10. This policy will be kept under review by the Committee.

22nd April 2018