The Arts Society Alton


We have had a most enjoyable series of visits in recent years. We are fortunate to be close to London so are able to take in many of the special exhibitions arranged by the national museums and galleries as well as the special places such as the Royal Academy and the Wallace Collection.


Some virtual visits will be available via Zoom and notification of these will be made to members in Monthly Newsletter by email. Invitations to join the visits will be sent to members a few days prior to the virtual visit and a reminder on the day. Hopefully later in 2021 some actual visits will be possible, and members will be notified of these.

Bookings via Vanessa MacMahon at our lectures.

If a booking is cancelled a refund can only be made if the visit is full and there is a replacement from the waiting list.

See photographs of our previous visits

Restoration House

Rochester Castle

Rochester Cathedral

Longer visits to places of interest in the UK have been arranged to Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Chester, Derbyshire, East Anglia, Glasgow, Lincoln, Northumberland, Plymouth, the Scottish Borders, Shropshire and York, when based in a hotel, we are able to take in a selection of local venues of artistic and historic interest over a long weekend.

In addition, European visits have also been arranged to Normandy, Amsterdam, The Loire, Flanders, Dublin, Paris, Prague and Bulgaria.