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Current Projects

The presentation of £500 to Amery Hill School will enable the school to reduce quite substantially the costs to the Year 10 art students of a visit to Tate Modern to enhance their art appreciation.

Amery Hill School presentation

The Arts Society Alton Scholarships at Alton College
Nationally, over 60% of societies support arts projects for young people so we are in good company with our activities. Since 2001 we have provided bursaries for students undertaking the Arts Foundation Degree course at Alton College and our current Scholars are shown above.

Past Projects

Maisy Pulls it Off!

Maisy Venn with her sculpture ‘Take Five’

Maisy Venn an Art Foundation student at Alton College is celebrating having a sculpture selected for inclusion in two prestigious exhibitions in London this summer. For a number of years the Royal Association of British Artists (RBA) have included the work of up and coming young artists in their annual exhibition in London and have worked with The Arts Society, previously called NADFAS, through their local societies to find what they call ‘Stars of the Future’.

The Arts Society Alton, who actually hold their monthly meetings at Alton College, sent a representative to the College art exhibition at the end of the summer term and selected a number of high quality works which they submitted to the RBA as photographs. The final selection was undertaken by the RBA in London who recently informed 21 lucky students of their decision. Alton College’s art department is the only one from the whole of Hampshire to have work of one of their students included.

Tony Cross, a representative of The Arts Society Alton remarked “It seems the judges had a very difficult task as both the standard and number of entries seems to have been exceptionally high this year with 247 submissions. Inevitably this meant disappointment for many of the entrants as the majority of work was not chosen. However, all of those put forward for consideration will receive a certificate from The Arts Society Alton acknowledging their selection.”

Amanda Bollini, Curriculum Manager for Creative Visual Arts at Alton College said “I was absolutely delighted when I heard that Maisy’s 3D sculpture ‘Take Five’ was selected from out of 247 entries. It is such a great achievement for Maisy and her creative talents. I’d like to thank The Arts Society Alton for attending our yearly Summer Show and taking the time to select and submit work for the RBA award. Maisy has thrived at Alton College and has developed her skills in 3D making and graphic design. She is really enjoying experimenting with materials especially if they are recycled! Maisy has a clear idea of what she wants to do at university, which is 3D design and craft. Progressing to a course of this calibre will allow Maisy to carry on experimenting with a range of materials including metal and plastic.

Maisy is the latest of our students to have work selected for this innovative scheme which is promoted by our friends at The Arts Society Alton, who have supported Alton College for the past 15 years by making scholarships available for our Foundation Degree art students who show particular talent in a variety of fields.”

Maisy, a former student at Amery Hill School, is looking forward to seeing her piece in the shows at the Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL), St James, London W1 from Friday, 26 April to Sunday, 19 June 2019, and then at the RBA’s annual show at the Mall Galleries from Thursday, 4 July to Sunday, 14 July 2019.

Binsted through Time

Binsted through Time is a project recently completed by artist Sheryl Pape and the children of Binsted Primary School and one which The Arts Society Alton and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Area Committee of The Arts Society supported with an award of £600 for the originality of the concept.

Sheryl worked with all of the children in this delightful village school creating wonderful murals for the walls based on local history: including a portrait of Field Marshal Montgomery; a Gruffalo-themed timeline from Palaeolithic times to the present day; images of hop-pickers and a fabulous picture of The Holy Cross Church. The children created written pieces to go alongside each mural and worked tremendously hard with Sheryl on the planning and provided some of the finer details.

Selborne Primary School

Alton DFAS along with Newton Valence Parish Council funded the cost of the colourful Mosaic project which was unveiled in October 2017 by Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, Nigel Atkinson.

Head Teacher, Mrs Janet Knott “….. thought it was a wonderful project for the children to undertake as they were all fully involved with the design process and each child had the satisfaction of putting a piece of the picture into the mosaic. David Bowers of Mosaic Madness was wonderful with the children and was able to get the best out of them in terms of creating the design and understanding the process. We have been left with a great piece of art that shows the values and importance of our school to our children”.

We were very pleased to be able to help generate interest in the arts within the school community at Rowledge Primary School, a one form entry village school situated on the Hampshire/Surrey border.

Supporting the arts for talented youngsters

In 2016 the Art Department at Amery Hill School in Alton were very pleased to be able to purchase a printing press following the generosity of The Arts Society Alton, the Hampshire & IOW Area Committee of The Arts Society Alton along with an award from the NADFAS Patricia Fay Memorial Fund.

The GCSE Art & Design course allows students to experience a wide range of materials, techniques and processes over a two year period. The exam programme is made up of coursework (60%) and the final exam (40%). Any piece of coursework can be re-visited over the two years and improved, so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Whilst talent is not the only pre-requisite for success, motivation, hard work, enthusiasm and patience are also needed! During the course smaller 'skills workshops' are run, where students create work in response to an Art department trip and this year they visited the Natural History and Pitt Rivers museums in Oxford for inspiration. Amery Hill students now have the opportunity to add printing to their portfolio of work, along with silk/glass painting, oil pastels, drawing, sculpture, clay construction, digital photography, mixed media and textiles.

Royal Association of British Artists - Rising Stars

In the summer of 2015 55 NADFAS Societies submitted some 348 images of original student work giving a real challenge for the Royal Society of British Artists Council members to pick a number of pieces which combined the highest levels of skill, expression and draughtsmanship. Alton Decorative and Fine Arts Society (The Arts Society Alton) was amongst those fortunate to be included in the 17 societies whose submitted work was chosen for exhibition.

The work of two Alton College art students, Martha Dobson's Portrait of a Gentleman and Nathan Ward's Man with an Apple, were included in the exhibition shown at Lloyds Register Gallery in the City of London in February - March 2016. The pictures then transferred to the RBA's annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries during March & April 2016 where the work was displayed alongside that of professional artists.

This collaborative venture encourages a closer working relationship between societies, which tend to consist of mature folk interested in the arts, and those of a younger generation with similar interests. That The Arts Society Alton meets in Alton College and annually provides three bursaries for promising art students is part of this ethos.

Rowledge Primary School

The school places a high priority on learning opportunities, which promote children's development spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, whilst challenging them to become successful academically. In the Autumn of 2015 we helped fund the making of a wall mosaic which involved all of the children and staff. David Bowers, a community artist with considerable experience of working with schools & community groups led the project. The result is located on an outside wall where it provides a colourful welcome for visitors to the school. Pictures below are children form each year, Head Teacher Sarah Oliver, The Arts Society Alton Chairman Niven Baird who 'opened' the mosaic and committee member John Harrap who is associated with the school.

Sponsoring Treloar Arts Week 30 June - 4 July 2014
We are pleased to support the valuable work of the Treloar Trust with our involvement in their highly regarded Arts Week. The Treloar association with Alton started in 1907 when the then Lord Mayor of the City of London, Sir William Purdie Treloar, set up a 'Cripples' Fund' as his mayoral appeal. His aim was to build a hospital and school outside the city for children with non-pulmonary tuberculosis. On June 13 of that year, he wrote in his diary that Her Majesty Queen Alexandra 'came to Mansion House to open the Queen's Fete in aid of my Cripples' Fund'.

In 1908, Sir William opened his school and hospital in Alton, Hampshire. Since then, Treloar’s has steadily grown and developed, becoming one of the country’s leading providers of education, care, therapy, medical support and independence training for disabled young people.

A Project with a local secondary school
The Art Department of Amery Hill School in Alton offered a wide-ranging programme of art activities to promote art both within and outside the school in the 2013 Summer Term. These included Continuing Professional Development sessions for local primary school staff comprising basic drawing skills, graffiti art, how to make a clay pot and silk painting; arranging two exhibitions featuring GCSE Art and a Primary Liaison / Lower School exhibition. Visiting artists providing sessions devoted to 3-D work, Fine Art, Photography and Glass; there were also art competitions for pupils and staff.
We particularly liked the involvement of Primary Schools that feed into Amery Hill School and helped with the provision of art materials. Applications to the Hampshire and IOW area of NADFAS and the Patricia Fay Memorial Fund administered at NADFAS House in London, resulted in the provision of two computer screens and photo-editing software from the former, whilst funding for additional visiting artist days were enabled from the latter. The staff remarked on the amazing creativity and enthusiasm observed during the project and they look forward to seeing this continue into lessons in the new term.

Support for two local Primary Schools
Back in 2006 we helped fund an artist to work with Chawton Primary School on a project associated with the Passion for Pattern exhibition at Alton's Allen Gallery. We also combined with others to help Anstey Junior School with a Summer Arts Project devoted to sculpture and dance.

Our very first outside involvement was to support Alton's Allen Gallery Millennium Project which comprised the creation of a The Dancing Girls - a bronze sculpture in the attractive courtyard garden of the gallery and an accompanying series of workshops for local children to understand the basics of sculpture from the creator of The Dancing Girls, the highly regarded Yorkshire sculptor, Roger Burnett.